From gut health to mood to disease prevention, gardening offers us many benefits. Plus: A recipe featuring garden-grown ingredients.

Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash


  1. Mind/Mood
  2. Taste/Consumption
  3. Gut/Microbiome
  4. Body/Overall Health
  5. Resources for starting a garden
  6. Recipe: Garden-Grown Mediterranean Salad
  7. References

Estimated time to read: 8 minutes

For months I had been trying to build a successful batch of compost. I had scratched out a list of “don’ts” instead of anything resembling soil out of my kitchen scraps: Don’t use a compost tumbler because the bin will get too heavy. Don’t put the bin in the sun or it will get too dry. Don’t use leaves as a carbon source unless you want the compost to be matted.

Finally, I landed on a method of layering…

An Instagram Series

The following is a series of posts I created in the summer of 2014, after reading more about California’s water system to grapple with the historic drought. I began to take small steps in my apartment and in my lifestyle to conserve water. I shared the tips and knowledge in the form of a week-long Instagram photo series using the hashtag #droughtsmart. Two thought-provoking books that motivated this project are The Big Thirst and Cadillac Desert.

1. Dear California

Dear California, We know this is hard on you. We run through your golden hills and dive into your sparkling oceans, yet we care…

Brianna Egan

Health equity, food justice, & sustainability geek. Graduate student at Loma Linda University. @UCSanDiego and @FoodCorps alum. Views my own.

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